Black Velvet

Posted on August 29, 2013


In the very first scene of “The Man with the Golden Gun” Scaramanga gets out of the sea and sits by the water with his lady Ms Anders. Nick Nack serves him Guinness and Moet Chandon to make a “Black Velvet“.
“Black Velvet”, Francisco Scaramanga’s choice of drink is simply a mixed drink stout beer (like Guinness) and champagne (or any other sparkling wine).  The drink is traditionally served in a champagne flute glass, although any beer glass is acceptable as well. You’d pour the champagne into the glass first and the gently pour the beer on top. As the two liquids are of different densities, the beer remains on top of the champagne as they remain in separate layers.

The origin of this cocktail comes from Brooks Club in London. In 1861 as people mourned the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s Prince Consort, this fine cocktail was served.

In the scene, Scaramanga tells Nick Nack to bring him Tabasco. It is not something you’d traditionally use in a Black Velvet, so I reckon it’s for the oysters.

The drink is not to be mistaken for the Black Velvet labelled Whisky, coincidentally endorsed by Bond villain actor Telly Savalas.