Chrome the parrot

Posted on July 22, 2013


Diana Chrome

If you haven’t got “The Making of the The Living Daylights” by Charles Helfenstein, you simply must get a hold of a copy. Words cannot describe its brilliance. It’ll surely be a source reference of future posts here on “007 Under the Mango Tree“.
For instance, in this fine book we can read about Chrome the parrot.
Helfenstein writes that the first scene shot by the first unit on “The Living Daylights” was a close up of the kitchen parrot at Blayden’s. And it turns out that this parrot is quite the experienced in film making.
The blue, green and golden macaw named Chrome was actually bought by the Diana Rigg (yes, that’s right, Tracy from “OHMSS”). She later gave it to Cyd Child, her stunt double on the TV show “The Avengers“. Through Child, Chrome appeared in the Peter Sellers classic “The Pink Panther strikes again” (1976).

Chrome made his Bond debut as Max in “For your eyes only“, the parrot of the Havelocks and was brought in again by director John Glen for “The Living Daylights“.
So, I feel it’s a nice detail that the same parrot appears in two of my favourite Bond films.