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Black Velvet

August 29, 2013


In the very first scene of “The Man with the Golden Gun” Scaramanga gets out of the sea and sits by the water with his lady Ms Anders. Nick Nack serves him Guinness and Moet Chandon to make a “Black Velvet“. “Black Velvet”, Francisco Scaramanga’s choice of drink is simply a mixed drink stout beer […]

Red Stripe

May 22, 2013


Red Stripe is one of Jamaica’s strongest brands. It is intimately associated with reggae and dancehall music and the company has also been a sponsor of Jamaican athletes and sport teams. Although Bond never drinks Red Stripe on screen in “Dr No”, there is a classic publicity shot of a resting Sean Connery next to […]

Angel cake

May 15, 2013


There are numerous enjoyable scenes of Bond and Moneypenny flirting. In “Goldfinger“, Moneypenny tries the “I’ll-make-you-a-nice-dessert-trick”. “What about tonight? Come round for dinner and I’ll cook you a beautiful angel cake,” she says. As it turns out Bond is actually having dinner with M and Colonel Smithers from The Bank of England. It is a […]

No such thing as a Dom Perignon ’57

February 9, 2013


In “On her Majesty’s Secret Service” James Bond happens to order a Dom Perignon that does not exist. Bond saves Tracy at the baccarat table in the Hotel Estoril Palacio, Portugal. She goes to a dining table, Bond follows her and orders a Dom Perignon ’57, but before the order arrives Tracy hands Bond her […]

Rum Collins

January 30, 2013


In “Thunderball”, Emilio Largo and James Bond enjoy a Rum Collins when Bond visits Palmyra, home of the SPECTRE no. 2 They are served drinks by Largo’s waiter and when Largo turns to his other employees Yanni and Vargas, he offers one to the latter but… Largo: “Of course! Vargas does not drink. Does not […]

Conch Chowder

January 6, 2013


”It just so happens that I like conch chowder,” says James Bond lunching by the pool in Coral Harbour. The film is of course ”Thunderball” and Bond has just met Domino Derval. She makes a remark about all his questions and his change of tactics is to have her taste his Conch Chowder. ”You read […]

Mint Julep

January 5, 2013


It is traditional to see James Bond enjoying local food and drinks at the various destinations of his missions. Mojito in Cuba, Ouzo in Greece and of course the Mint Julep in Kentucky. In “Goldfinger” Bond is offered one by the title villain sitting on the porch of his Kentucky horse ranch and stud. “Yes, thanks. […]


December 13, 2012


Bond’s ‘when in Rome’ of ”Die Another Day” is drinking Mojito in Cuba. A popular longdrink for hot days indeed, Bond offers  NSA agent Jinx Johnson a taste, posing as an ornithologist (possibly a good cover as we all know there really is an ornithologist called ‘James Bond’). The scene is set in Cuba but […]