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20 pieces of GoldenEye Trivia, part 1

December 31, 2013


1)  “GoldenEye” is the name of Ian Fleming’s Jamaica house. 2) There is another film called “Goldeneye“. It was a 1989 TV movie about the secret life of Ian Fleming. Charles Dance, also known as a “For your eyes only” henchman, starred as Ian Fleming. 3) When released in 1995 it was the first Bond […]

“Another Time, Another Place”

December 30, 2013


James Bond (Sean Connery) Bond is leaving Shrublands in “Thunderball“. Ms Fearing (Mollie Peters) follows him to the parked Aston Martin and she appears to be quite keen to continue their romance. “Any time, James. Any place”, she says. Bond replies: “Another time, another place”. And drives off. Not only an eloquent yet harsch reply […]

For your eyes only: Rare Sheena Easton Demo

December 29, 2013


Youtube is a great resource. In January 2010 a video was uploaded of a rare demo version of Sheena Easton’s Bond theme “For your eyes only“.  It has a typical demo sound to it but what’s interesting is the alternate lyrics. Here they are in full. Enjoy! Music: Bill Conti. Lyrics: Michael Leeson. Recorded Demo […]

When Bond yelled like Tarzan

December 27, 2013


Surely one of the worst gags of the series: James Bond being chased by Kamal Kahn’s posse swings himself along the vines and yells like Tarzan. Come on! Comic relief yes, but if “Octopussy” would be anymore relieved the film would let loose from the reel. The Tarzan yell has a great page on Wikipedia, actually so there’s […]

The Bill Tanners

December 22, 2013


This is the full list of actors who have portrayed one of Bond’s best friends, Secret Service Chief of Staff Bill Tanner. Michael Goodliffe as the Chief of staff in “The Man with the Golden Gun” James Villiers as Tanner, M’s replacement in “For your eyes only” Michael Kitchen as Bill Tanner in “GoldenEye” and […]

Milos Colombo

December 20, 2013


Milos Colombo is one of the more memorable Bond allies. His entrance in “For your eyes only” gives its second half extra energy. Much thanks to actor Chaim Topol.  As for the name Colombo it is a Fleming original. Enrico Colombo features in the short story “Risico” that was adapted into the “For your eyes […]