Recommended Reading

The Spy who loved me 1977aMust have:
Lee Pfeiffer & Dave Worrall The Essential Bond
Paul Duncan James Bond Archives
James Chapman Licence to Thrill
Alan Barnes & Marcus Hearn Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!
John Cork & Collin Stutz The James Bond Encyclopedia
Martijn Mulder On the tracks of 007
Robert Sellers Battle for Bond
Sir Roger Moore Bond on Bond
Steven Jay Rubin The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopedia
Lee Pfeiffer & Philip Lisa The Incredible world of 007
John Cork & Bruce Scivally James Bond: The Legacy
Henry Chancellor James Bond: A man and his world
Charles Helfenstein The Making of On her Majesty’s Secret Service
Charles Helfenstein The Making of The Living Daylights

Should have:
Sally Hibbin The Making of Licence to Kill
Garth Pearce The Making of GoldenEye
Garth Pearce The Making of Tomorrow never dies
Iain Johnstone The World is not enough: A Companion
Graham Rye The James Bond Girls
Lois Gresh & Robert Weinberg The Science of James Bond
Matthew Parker Goldeneye: Where Bond was born: Ian Fleming’s Jamaica

Still to have:
Bond on set series

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