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007 and the Oscars *Spectre update*

February 29, 2016


This is a full list of the James Bond films wins and nominations at the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars. As of yet there are five wins and another eleven nominations plus the Thalberg Memorial Award honouring Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli.  Updated!  Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes has won the Oscar for Best Song with “The Writing’s on […]

20 pieces of Goldfinger Trivia, part 1

November 16, 2014


1) Gert Fröbe, although a brilliant choice for the title role, had such a heavy German accent, his lines were dubbed by Michael Collins. 2) The golfball of Bond’s choice is a Penfold Hearts.  3) Nadia Regin who plays Bonita in the Pre-Title Sequence also starred as Kerim Bey’s mistress in From Russia with Love. […]

Bond/Ladies age difference

July 27, 2014


This is a list of the age difference beteende Bond and the Bond girl, approx. It has been calculated like this: Formula: X (Bond girl actress birth year) – Y (Bond actor birth year) Roger Moore might have youthful looks but is often old enough to be the father of his leading lady. The only […]

Middle names

August 3, 2013


Precisely, what are the James Bond actors’ middle names? In fact sometimes their first names are their middle names. So be it.  Here’s the list: Thomas Sean Connery George Robert Lazenby Roger George Moore Timothy Peter Dalton Pierce Brendan Brosnan Daniel Wroughton Craig and of course… James David Graham Niven Robert Haakon Nielsen (Barry Nelson)

The Moneypenny actresses

June 11, 2013


This is a full list of the actors who have portrayed Miss Moneypenny Lois Maxwell 1962-1985 Dr No From Russia with Love Goldfinger Thunderball You only live twice On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Diamonds are Forever Live and let Die The Man with the Golden Gun The Spy who loved me Moonraker For your eyes only […]

Angel cake

May 15, 2013


There are numerous enjoyable scenes of Bond and Moneypenny flirting. In “Goldfinger“, Moneypenny tries the “I’ll-make-you-a-nice-dessert-trick”. “What about tonight? Come round for dinner and I’ll cook you a beautiful angel cake,” she says. As it turns out Bond is actually having dinner with M and Colonel Smithers from The Bank of England. It is a […]

James Bond Release dates: UK, USA and Sweden

April 29, 2013


When realising that my wife’s birthday is on the same date of the Swedish premiere of “Dr No”: 29 April, I just had to put together a list like this. So, here we go. All Bond release dates in United Kingdom, United States of America and my native Sweden. Mind you that the American ones […]

The M actors

April 2, 2013


So, which actors have portrayed M? Here is the full list. Bernard Lee 1962-1979 Dr No From Russia with Love Goldfinger Thunderball You only live twice On her Majesty’s Secret Service Diamonds are Forever Live and let die The Man with the Golden Gun The Spy who loved me Moonraker Robert Brown 1983-1989 Octopussy A […]

The Felix Leiter actors

February 19, 2013


This is a full list of the actos who have portrayed James Bond’s C.I.A ally and friend Felix Leiter. Jack Lord in “Dr No” (1962) Cec Linder in “Goldfinger” (1964) Rik van Nutter in “Thunderball” (1965) Norman Burton in “Diamonds are Forever” (1971) David Hedison in “Live and let Die” (1973) & “Licence to Kill” (1989) […]

Mint Julep

January 5, 2013


It is traditional to see James Bond enjoying local food and drinks at the various destinations of his missions. Mojito in Cuba, Ouzo in Greece and of course the Mint Julep in Kentucky. In “Goldfinger” Bond is offered one by the title villain sitting on the porch of his Kentucky horse ranch and stud. “Yes, thanks. […]