About 007 Under the Mango Tree

Welcome to ”007 Under the Mango Tree – a guide to the references and trivia of the James Bond films”.
Ever wondered who Henry Kissinger is, that is name-dropped by Sheriff Pepper in Thailand? Or what is really in a Mojito? Or what that horse race was all about in Siena? Or what kind of place is Vassar? And what is that song being butchered by Valentin Zukovsky’s mistress?

Well look no further. This site lingers around the details of the James Bond films, what is mentioned, what is seen, what is drank, what is eaten, what is driven, what is heard, what is worn and so on and so forth.
Some of the references in the James Bond films might be dated to a young audience and some might be lost in translation. I hope to bring some clarity to these questionsmarks.

007 Under the Mango Tree turns Bond enthusiasts into Bond fanatics

The articles are sorted by film categories and tagged by theme.

The site is named after the song “Under the Mango Tree” from the Dr No soundtrack. It was written by Monty Norman and peformed by Diana Coupland (then Norman’s Mrs) and featured the Jamaican guitar legend Ernest Ranglin. It is also the only song that James Bond ever sang on-screen. So far.

Enjoy! (How original)

As for extensive information on the Cars, Clothes and Locations of 007 other sites and books are suggested in the sections of Databases and Lists and Recommended Reading

Note: 007 Under the Mango Tree is still under development and will updated with regularity during 2013.
It is both a site and a blog so make sure to check back for new posts every week.
However, it is also a book project and in due time when the content is more complete, hopefully a publisher will be attracted by this take on 007.

// Pontus Forslund, manager and editor of 007 Under the Mango Tree

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  1. The current name of the former Karl Marx Stadt is TRIER not Chemnitz

  2. A smashing site from one of my literary and movie heroes. Thanks for the effort that you’ve put into this 🙂


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