Red Stripe

Posted on May 22, 2013


Sean Connery Red Stripe napRed Stripe is one of Jamaica’s strongest brands. It is intimately associated with reggae and dancehall music and the company has also been a sponsor of Jamaican athletes and sport teams.

Although Bond never drinks Red Stripe on screen in “Dr No”, there is a classic publicity shot of a resting Sean Connery next to some Red Stripe empties. Pussfeller’s storage where there is a wee rumble with the bar keeper, Quarrel
and Bond, is packed with Red Stripe crates. Pussfeller and Quarrel actually ends up in the Red Stripe boxes before Felix Leiter enters and sorts out the misunderstanding.

Red Stripe is a Jamaican pale lager (4,7%) that was produced in 1938 from the brewery Desnoes & Geddes (established in 1918). At first the brewery only made soft drinks, their first beer, an ale, was produced in 1927. The recipe for Red Stripe pale lager was created by Paul H Cotter and Bill Martindale.
Red StripeThe brewery was family owned until 1993 when Guinness bought 51% of the company. Red Stripe also collaborates with Heineken for distribution.

Apart from sponsoring teams and sports events, Red Stripe is also a major sponsor for Jamaican musical events. With the increasing worldwide popularity of reggae music, Red Stripe has enjoyed a similar international spread due to its close connection. There is an explicit notion that Reggae clubs around the world should serve Red Stripe.

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