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The yacht in “GoldenEye” (1995) where vicious femme fatale Onatopp and her Canadian Admiral Ferrell reside is called “Manticore“. manticore01
The ship’s real name is Northern Cross, at the time a $15 million yacht, then owned by Finnish business man Jorma Lillbacka of company Finn-Power.
It has a crew of eight. Top speed is 28 knots. Range: 2500 nautical miles at 15 knots. There are six bedrooms, a bar, a saloon dining area and three sun decks. The interior is dominated with Lapland birch which has 32 coats of varnish.

The yacht was built in Sweden, at the shipyard of Marinteknik Verkstads AB Öregrund, in 1991.

Last year the yacht was up for sale at the price of 4, 9 million Euros.

The site BMT216A has a special file for the Manticore. The data differs somewhat with what is stated above which mainly comes from “The Making of GoldenEye” by Garth Pearce,

As for the name itself:
A Manticore is an Ancient mythical, man-eating monster of Persian origin. The creature had the body of a red lion and a human head, sharp teeth in three rows and either a dragon or a scorpion tail. Some other attributes vary in different Manticore versions as well, such as horns and wings.
The name comes from the Persian name for “Man eater” = Martyaxwar. In Latin it became Mantichora which was anglified into Manticore.
Myths about the Manticore came from Persia to Greek and Roman writers, stating that the legendary creature was to be seen in India. From the Greek and Roman writers the monster found its way into Medieval myths and stories. Nowadays, Manticores are not uncommon creatures of Fantasy fiction.

My take on the symbolism of the name Manticore in GoldenEye is simply that it is related to Xenia Onatopp as a Man-eater.

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