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007 and the Oscars *Spectre update*

February 29, 2016


This is a full list of the James Bond films wins and nominations at the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars. As of yet there are five wins and another eleven nominations plus the Thalberg Memorial Award honouring Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli.  Updated!  Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes has won the Oscar for Best Song with “The Writing’s on […]

James Bond at the Golden Globes *Spectre update*

January 24, 2016


This is the full list of the Golden Globe award wins and nominations of the James Bond films. So far there are 12 nominations and 3 wins. The majority of the nominations is for Best Song. 1964 Winner Most promising newcomer Female Ursula Andress in “Dr No” Together with Tippi Hedren and Elke Sommer 1965 […]

Do you know how Christmas trees are grown?

December 25, 2014


The most christmasy film of all the Bond films is undoubtedly “On her Majesty’s Secret Service“. John Barry even wrote a christmas song for it. Hal David wrote the lyrics (as well as the lyrics for “We have all the time in the World”).   The song “Do you know how Christmas trees are grown?” was […]

Thunderball by Johnny Cash

December 13, 2014


 Johnny Cash was a great James Bond-fan and he actually recorded a 007 theme song. He submitted his version of “Thunderball” to Eon Productions but the tune was never picked up. The producers also rejected the song “Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” as they wanted a theme song with the same name as the movie […]

For your eyes only: Rare Sheena Easton Demo

December 29, 2013


Youtube is a great resource. In January 2010 a video was uploaded of a rare demo version of Sheena Easton’s Bond theme “For your eyes only“.  It has a typical demo sound to it but what’s interesting is the alternate lyrics. Here they are in full. Enjoy! Music: Bill Conti. Lyrics: Michael Leeson. Recorded Demo […]


July 29, 2013


You know the “Moonraker” scene: Bond is being attacked while riding a gondola in Venice. His gondoleer is killed by the knife-throwing coffin bloke who soon enough gets it as Bond simply throws back one of mister-coffin-who-really-belongs-in-a-60’s-batman-episode. Then a chase commences, as it turns out Bond’s gondola is probably slightly modified by Q branch.As Bond […]

See you later, alligator

April 13, 2013


James Bond leaves the room in Shrublands after snogging Ms Pat Fearing, in “Thunderball“. “See you later”, he says and after shutting the the door he finishes the catchphrase with “alligator.” So it seems. Thanks to one of our readers (see commen section below) we rather think that Connery says “Irrigator” as he is looking […]

Boom Boom and Boum!

January 8, 2013


What about the music taste of James Bond “Skyfall” antagonist Raoul Silva (or Thiago Rodriguez if you like) ? Well I’ll tell you. The Apocalyptic tune of Silva’s arrival to Skyfall is the Blues epic ”Boom Boom” written and made famous by John Lee Hooker. (Like Tammy Wynette’s ”Stand by your man” features both in GoldenEye […]

Stand by your man (Strangling a cat)

December 15, 2012


The entertainment of Valentin Zukovsky’s bar in ”GoldenEye” is unintentionally amusing as it contains the paradox of Russian Country & Western singers. In the mid-1990’s it is the symbol of a new era of Russian society. No censorship and now embracing the popular culture of the former cold war enemy. And the old KGB agent […]

A Night at the Opera with Tosca

December 14, 2012


It was another night at the opera for Bond while trailing the crooks to the magnificent open air opera stage of Bregenz, Austria. After the set by Lake Constance had impressed Barbara Broccoli and Marc Forster the crew came to shoot arguably the best scene of the film during ten days between 29th April and […]

The Magnificent Seven

December 2, 2012


Roger Moore’s James Bond rides a horse, wearing a poncho and a hat, in Brazil arriving to the Monastary of her Majesty’s Secret Service. The film is “Moonraker” but the music played is “The Magnificent Seven” (1960, dir. John Sturges, although a remake from the even more brilliant “The Seven Samurais” by Akira Korusawa).The legendary […]