Adidas Gazelle

Posted on December 22, 2014


adidas-gazelle-2-dark-indigo-argentina-white-2When Bond does his training in the underground HQ of MI6 in “Skyfall“, he wears a couple of blue Adidas Gazelle sneakers.
Adidas Gazelle 2 to be exact. The Gazelle model is very similar to the Spezial and Samba model, also with the famous Adidas three stripes.

Adidas was founded by German Adolf Dassler in his hometown Herzogenaurach. His older brother Rudolf Dassler formed the company Ruda, later named Puma after the two brothers had split up their common company. The brothers were in constant competition and disliked each other since the end of the war. It is a curious detail that bad guy Patrice (Ola Rapace) wears a pair of Pumas in “Skyfall”.
The name “Adidas” comes from the first three letters of the founders first and last name Adi (nickname for Adolf) and Das for Dassler.

The original Adidas Gazelle sneaker was released in 1968 as an allround sneaker but is in new production with its now iconic vintage style, timeless and popular.

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