The Downton Abbey connections

Posted on November 15, 2014


I take it that you all are watching Downton Abbey.
What are the apparent connections between Bond and Downton?

jfJulian Fellowes, the creator and screenplay writer of Downton, is also an actor and played the Defence Minister in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Hugh Bonneville, playing the patriarch of Downton, is one of the crew members of HMS Bedford, as well as Brendan Coyle (Mr Bates) also Tomorrow Never Dies.

Samantha Bond, plays Lady Rosamund and she was of course Miss Moneypenny in the four Brosnan films: GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is not Enough and Die Another Day.

Dame Maggie Smith, the Grand Duchess, is the mother of Toby Stevens, who played the villain in Die Another Day,

Lately, Joanne Froggat, (Anna Bates) was rumoured to get a role in Bond 24.

Kevin McNally (3 episodes as Horace Bryant) played A HMS Ranger crewman in The Spy who loved me.

Tim Pigott Smith, who has starred in basically every British Television Series, played Sir Philip Tapsell in one episode and was the foreign minister in Quantum of Solace.

Anna Chancellor, known as Lady Anstruther in one episode in season five, played Second Officer Monday throughout The Fleming Mini-Series.

Andy Bradford was the Stunt Coordinator in five Downton Abbey episodes in 2010. He played a guard being shot by the crossbow in For your Eyes Only and 009 in Octopussy. He also did som stunt work in Never Say Never Again.