Bond/Ladies age difference

Posted on July 27, 2014


This is a list of the age difference beteende Bond and the Bond girl, approx.
It has been calculated like this:
Formula: X (Bond girl actress birth year) – Y (Bond actor birth year)

Roger Moore might have youthful looks but is often old enough to be the father of his leading lady.
The only Bond ladies who are older than the Bond actor is Honor Blackman, Zena Marshall and Eunice Gayson during the Connery era, and Diana Rigg in OHMSS…
*Spectre update*
Monica Bellucci is the first Bond lady since 1969 who is older than the Bond actor. She is also the oldest Bond lady as of yet, 51 years old.

Connery: Andress 6 years20140727-005135.jpg
Connery: Bianchi 12 years
Connery: Blackman -5 years
Connery: Auger 11 years
Connery: Hama 13 years
Connery: St. John 10 years
Connery: Basinger 23 years
Connery: Gayson -2 years
Connery: Marshall -5 years
Connery: Eaton 7 years
Connery: Peters 12 years
Connery: Paluzzi 7 years
Connery: Wakabayashi 11 years
Connery: Carrera 15 years

Lazenby: Rigg -1 year
Lazenby : Scoular 6 years

Moore: Seymour 24 years20140727-005238.jpg
Moore: Adams 18 years
Moore: Ekland 14 years
Moore: Bach 20 years
Moore: Chiles 20 years
Moore: Bouquet 30 years
Moore: Roberts 28 years
Moore: Hendry 22 years
Moore: Clery 23 years
Moore: Bolton 24 years
Moore: Harris 21 years
Moore: Wayborn 23 years
Moore: Jones 21 years
Moore: Stavin 30 years

Dalton: d’Abo 16 years
Dalton: Lowell 17 years
Dalton: Soto 23 years

Brosnan: Scorupco 17 years
Brosnan: Yeoh 9 years
Brosnan: Richards 18 years
Brosnan: Berry 13 years
Brosnan: Hatcher 11 years
Brosnan: Marceau 13 years
Brosnan: Pike 26 years

Craig: Green 12 years
Craig: Kurylenko 11 years
Craig: Marlohe 11 years
Craig: Murino 9 years
Craig: Arterton 18 years
Craig: Harris 8 years
Craig: Bellucci -4 years
Craig: Seydoux 17 years