20 pieces of GoldenEye Trivia, part 1

Posted on December 31, 2013


1)  “GoldenEye” is the name of Ian Fleming’s Jamaica house.

2) There is another film called “Goldeneye“. It was a 1989 TV movie about the secret life of Ian Fleming. Charles Dance, also known as a “For your eyes only” henchman, starred as Ian Fleming.

3) When released in 1995 it was the first Bond film in six years, following “Licence to Kill” of 1989. It is the longest gap as of yet between two Bond films.


4) The Ian Fleming original character, Secret Service Chief of Staff Bill Tanner returns in “GoldenEye”. He is played by Michael Kitchen who reprised the role in “The World is not enough.” Michael Kitchen is mostly known for his portrayal of Foyle in the TV series “Foyle’s War”. Check this post for more info on Bill Tanner.

5) Pinewood studios was not available so the production team had to create a new studio from an old Rolls Royce factory. It was to be called Leavesden studios.

6) The classic Aston Martin DB5 returns in “GoldenEye” having previously been Bond’s car in “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball“. Although with a new licence plate number: BMT 214A as compared to the classic BMT 216A.

7) Pierce Brosnan had injured his hand so a hand double had to be brought in for close ups on Bonds hands like in the Aston Martin secenes. The hand seen on screen was actually Pierce Brosnan’s son Christopher’s.

8) The country song being played in Valentin Zukovsky’s bar is “Stand by your man“, made famous by Tammy Wynette. Minnie Driver played the singer.

9) The name of the yacht where Xenia Onatopp stays at in Monte Carlo is Manticore.

10) Michael G Wilson makes his cameo sitting by the table of Russian officials together with Defence Minister Mishkin.

Goldeneye 1995aabb11) “GoldenEye” beat “Moonraker” at the box office thus becoming the highest grossing Bond film ever.

12) “GoldenEye” premiered on 24 november 1995 in the UK, and 17 november 1995 in the US.

13) Actor Joe Don Baker who plays CIA agent Jack Wade in “GoldenEye”, also starred in “The Living Daylights” 1987 as villain Brad Whitaker. He is the only actor who have played a baddie in his first Bond film and an ally in his second. He is also the only actor who has starred in three Bond films in two different roles. Baker returned as Jack Wade in “Tomorrow never dies“.

14) The choice of Eric Serra as composer was not altogether a bright one. Despite some quality pieces the overall soundtrack was rather disappointing. The fact that Serra did not return as Bond score composer kind of says it all. His track for the tank chase was even lifted out and a orchestration of the James Bond theme done by composer John Altman replaced Serra’s. However Serra’s track made it to the soundtrack album whereas the Altman arrangement can be heard on the compilation CD “Bond Back in Action 2”.

15) In one of the final scenes in Trevelyan’s den a name of one of the banks being robbed is visible on a computer screen: “Pevsner Commerzbank GmBH”. It is of course a reference to Executive Producer Tom Pevsner who has been on the 007 Production team for ages. 

16) The pre-titles sequence is set nine years earlier than the GoldenEye present, 1995. So losing another 00 in 1986 is another set back for the Secret Service during the last decade of the cold war. The losses for the 00-section include 009 in 1983 “Octopussy“, 003 in 1985 “A View to a Kill“, 006 in 1986 “GoldenEye” and 004 in 1987 “The Living Daylights“. As well as 007 resigning in 1989 “Licence to Kill“.

17) One of the women in the Monte Carlo casino scene i Kate Gayson, daugther of first Bond girl of “Dr No” Eunice Gayson. Kate was 26 years old at the time of filming.

18) Q gives Bond an exploding pen which comes in handy when being caught by Trevelyan and his henchmen. Even if the current Q branch of “Skyfall” does not go for exploding pens anymore, it did save Bond’s life and modern day London once upon a time, i.e. 1995.

derekmedding9519) “GoldenEye” is dedicated “To the memory of Derek Meddings“. He was an appreciated member of the production team working with visual effects and miniatures. Mr Meddings died of cancer, two months before the film opened, on 10 september 1995.

20) “GoldenEye” was the last Bond film that legendary producer Albert R “Cubby” Broccoli saw. He died in 1996.

Source reference ”The Making of GoldenEye” by Garth Pearce.

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