No such thing as a Dom Perignon ’57

Posted on February 9, 2013


In “On her Majesty’s Secret Service” James Bond happens to order a Dom Perignon that does not exist.
Bond saves Tracy at the baccarat table in the Hotel Estoril Palacio, Portugal. She goes to a dining table, Bond follows her and orders a Dom Perignon ’57, but before the order arrives Tracy hands Bond her room key and leaves. Bond then tells the waiter to take the champagne to her suit (423) with caviar for two.dom perignonProblem is, there is no such thing as a Dom Perignon ’57. That vintage simply doesn’t exist. Clearly an unlucky mishap in script writing. And I do wonder, what was the bottle actually in the waiter’s bucket?

Well, what happened to the vintage of 1957?
I got in touch with the good people of Dom Perignon to find out. The answer is undramatic however. The grapes of the autumn of 1957 were simply not up to Dom Perignon standard according to their Chef de Cave. In fact there was a big gap in Dom Perignon from 1955 to 1959. Dom Perignon didn’t know about the mistake in the script until the movie was out.

So far it is the only fictous champagne to feature in a Bond film.

Thanks to Elise B. Søftestad, Marketing Manager, Moët Hennessy Nordic