Rum Collins

Posted on January 30, 2013


In “Thunderball”, Emilio Largo and James Bond enjoy a Rum Collins when Bond visits Palmyra, home of the SPECTRE no. 2 They are served drinks by Largo’s waiter and when Largo turns to his other employees Yanni and Vargas, he offers one to the latter but…

Largo: “Of course! Vargas does not drink. Does not smoke. Does not make love. What do you do, Vargas?”Thunderball (1965)Indeed, one of the great scenes of “Thunderball” but let’s stay with the drink, the Rum Collins. This is simply a variation of the classic Tom Collins. The name comes from a New York practical joke in the 1870’s. The actual use of the joke or hoax seems a bit odd today. To learn more there is a text available online on “The Great Tom Collins Hoax”, by G. Sinclair.
The first recipe for the Tom Collins was published in 1876 by cocktail pioneer and bartender Jerry Thomas in “Bartender’s Guide”, although it was quite similar to a Gin Fizz the Tom Collins quickly caught on and became the in-drink of New York.
It is served with soda water, syrup, lemon juice and gin. The choice of spirit is quite flexible so there are numerous Collins drinks: Brandy Collins, John Collins (with whisky) and the Vodka Collins.

The Rum Collins is the Caribbean take on the Tom Collins longdrink, sometimes named Ron Collins, as the word Rum is Ron in Spanish and apparently widely popular in Cuba.
There is a theory of website Drinks of 007 that the Rum Collins due to its Cuban popularity is a way of Largo emphasising the he is a opponent to Bond and the West.

I wouldn’t quite agree with that, my look at it, is that it’s just like having Conch Chowder for lunch, the ideal afternoon cocktail for Bond in the Bahamas would be Rum Collins.
When in Rome, or when in Rum…

Recipe from the Internation Bartenders Association (IBA) below (Gin replaced with Rum):

•4.5 cl Gin
•3 cl Fresh lemon juice
•1.5 cl Sugar syrup
•6 cl Soda water

Pour all ingredients directly into highball glass filled with ice. Stir gently. Garnish with lemon slice and maraschino cherry. Add a dash of Angostura bitters. (Note: Use Old Tom Gin for Tom Collins)

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