Guess you better slow that Renault down

Posted on December 5, 2012


Renault CorgiBefore it was split in two, the 1984 Renault 11 TXE had four doors. It was driven by Roger Moore or rather Remy Julienne, a legend of carstunts, in “A View to a Kill“.

The Renault 11 has a great resemblance to the Renault 9, launched in 1981 and is only different in appearance to the 11 as they are practically identical under the skin. The 82 horse powered TXE has a 1,7 litre, 4-cylinder engine and can seemingly run quite a long way on a missing fuel tank. Its front wheel drive came in handy when it was split in half in a collision with the executive Renault model 20 though.
Probably not the first or last collision involving two Renaults in Paris City Centre.
Also to wonder about is why the indignant French taxi driver yells in English.

The small family car models 9 and 11 were manufactured in France until 1989 and were succeeded by the Renault 19. There is a Corgi model of the Renault taxi available for those interested.

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